Kumrat Valley: A Secret Heaven on Earth

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Kumrat Valley ever you get a chance to visit , never lose that precious chance otherwise you will regret it.”
The above statement is strong and bold to say but it is true and in the following guide to Kumrat, I will explain thoroughly that why it is true and what astonishing things this secret valley has that you should see. Let’s dig into it!
Kumrat Valley is unknown to an enormous number of people due to its location. But those who have visited it labeled it as “A Heaven on Earth”. They give this title to the valley because of its unmatchable beauty, rare serenity and natural visiting spots. 
Kumrat Valley
Now why this piece of heaven is unknown to a lot of people. It is because of its location. Kumrat Valley is located in Upper Dir extent. It is next to Thall that is forty-five kilometers away from Kumrat. Because Thall is the last spot in Upper Dir therefore not many people go beyond it. Contrary to that, those who went they enjoyed the Kumrat Valley.

Kumrat Valley

The most brilliant characteristic of this marvelous valley is that it has the Panjkora river as its companion to the whole way. Means to say that if you travel all the valley you will find this beautiful river along with it. Its water is extremely cold and comes from the hub of five unnamed rivers from the Hindu Kush Range. This river has huge stones in it that came through the water pressure. In various spots, you can cross the river to go to the other side of it. However, at various spots, it is quite deep. Now, why you will cross this river? This is the next undeniably attractive feature of the valley. 
Kumrat Valley
Yes! The Deodar Forest! When you cross the river and o to the other side from the staying area, you will find immensely dense Deodar Forest. This forest has a vivid depiction of nature in the form of tall brown wooded and lush green trees. The grass of the forest gives you extreme green color that soothes your eyes. Moreover, this forest has small pools that sprung from the Panjkora river. All these natural frameworks add to the beauty of the Kumrat Valley.

The next enchanting thing about this valley is the staying points of hotels. There is no properly built hotel means no building. This thing gives a purely natural look to the valley. You can stay in the tent hotel or the VIP wooden cabins according to your taste. All these tent hotels are situated at the bank of the Panjkora river. Moreover, these hotels charge you astonishingly reasonable rates as compared to the renowned tourist places of Pakistan. In addition to this, you can get food from these tent hotels too. They have little farms where you can get chicken and goat to have karahi or BBQ of them. The amazing thing is that you do not need to take all the accessories of the BBQ mission, they will provide you all. 
Kumrat Valley

Apart from its beauty of the valley, Kumrat Valley is a hub for other remarkably charming places and sites. For instance, if you travel the long and tiring track of the Paanjkora river, it will take you to Chitral Valley. While this adventurous journey, you will find another beautiful point namely Kala Chashma. Moreover, the upper side and area of Kumrat lead to Jahaz Banda which is another tourist place in the area. 

In short, there is a lot of places to visit in the marvelous valley, you can easily arrange a tour of six to eight days to see all the natural and serene sites of the valley.