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10 Best Hotels in Lahore

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A List of Remarkable Hotels in Lahore 

Travelling is loved by a huge chunk of people. Some like to travel to calm their thirst of visiting new and novel places. Whereas some travel for official or personal purposes. Hence, a lot of people like to travel, whatever the reason they have.
Lahore is one of those marvelous places or cities which is visited by a massive number of people. It is a city where people do not feel tired or boredom. Because there are a lot of places where they can go and enjoy the beauty of the city. Love, heartiness, friendliness, and peace is in the atmosphere of Lahore. Thus, this city is ranked at a significant stature by the people who visit Lahore.
Now, the most important thing in a city where people go for their versatile purposes is the availability of hotels in Lahore. Because not every visitor has his or her relatives or any other acquaintance in that city. In this regard, Lahore is laden with enormous hotels.
Ranging from luxurious high-class hotels to medium ranged comfortable hotels. Like pearl Continental hotel, smart hotel and many more. One can easily stay here in the hotel of one’s choice. If you want to have a lavish stay, you can.
Contrary to that if you have a reasonable budget for your trip, opportunities are here for you in the form of reasonable and comfortable hotels in Lahore. So, feel free to select any of them.
Here the question arises that how one can find the best hotels according to one’s needs and requirements. For those people who find it difficult to do research about hotels,
we have created this thoroughly researched list of reliable and marvelous hotels in Lahore. So, if you have the plan to visit Lahore for any purpose or reason, just go through this guide and get a hotel of your choice in just a little span of time.
Without wasting precious time let’s jump into the ocean of hotels!
We have arranged this list of hotels in Lahore in descending order ranging from lavish and expensive hotels to reasonable and pocket-friendly hotels.

Pearl Continental Hotel: A Grand and Lavish Place to live

Pearl Continental Hotel is one of those hotels that adds to the beauty and glamour of Lahore city. It is a monument of serenity and calmness.
As when one enters the premises of these hotels, an aura of soothing and relaxation overwhelms him, and he feels a different kind of pleasure as compared to the hustle and bustle of the city.
Apart from these unique and charming qualities, this hotel has a colossal bunch of facilities. Like you can have luxurious rooms, delicious cuisines, comfortable and pleasing spa, and many more. Their detailed elaboration is as under:
Pearl Continental Hotel is located at one of the dignified and prestigious roads of Lahore, Mall Road Lahore. It is in the middle of Lahore near to almost every important place in Lahore.
You can go to any place of your choice easily in just 15 to 20 minutes. Hence, it is an intelligent choice to live in this hotel during your trip if you also want to visit other places of Lahore.
This grand hotel has roundabout 600 rooms and suites. These residing suites and rooms are spacious and have muted colors of architecture. Along with that, the furniture is amazingly comfortable that provides cozy and warm comfort. Above all, you can have a room according to your choice.
For instance, if you have a family then you can book a family suite that can accommodate 5 to 6 members at a time. On the other hand, if you are a couple and come to enjoy the beauty of the city then you can opt for a couple suites. In the end, if you are on a business trip then you can ask for an official single bedroom for your stay.
While you stay at any place, the second important thing along with residence is the meals. In the PC Hotel Lahore, you have this facility. Here you can enjoy endless aromatic dishes of versatile cuisines in the magnificent restaurants of this hotel.
Moreover, you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all-time eatables at your hand. In addition to that, if you are to cater to any guest during your stay, you can go for a toothsome and boundless buffet or delightful high tea.
Apart from deluxe suites and scrumptious cuisines, you get a lot of other facilities in the PC Hotel Lahore. They are abundant and are demanded by the visitors too. Like you can have the enjoyment of a swimming pool. Furthermore, various official meetings can be held in conference rooms. These business rooms have the capacity to accommodate a great number of officials. Moreover, if you are a foreigner and want to have some branded alcohol, you can have there too. Last but not least, a lot of sports and games are here for your delight and pleasure.

Avari Hotel Lahore: A Glimpse of Traditional Hospitality

The second most astonishing and homely place to make you stay at Lahore memorable is Avari Hotel Lahore. It is one of those hotels and places that revives the traditional hospitality of the Mughal and Lakhnavi era.
Its architectural design though presents the modern image, however, its essence and feel depict the traditional taste. Hence, if you are in Lahore, and want to have a reasonable yet outlandish place to stay, Avari hotel is one of them. You can relish your stay starting from 93 dollars in this conventional cum modern hotel.
Avari Hotel Lahore is situated on the edge of the tree decorated road, Mall road facing the Lahore zoo in front of it. It is near to the Charing Cross that is the hub of various traditional and grand architectural buildings. Furthermore, it has a lot of amazing areas near it.
Many famous roads are linked to it. For instance, Davis Road, Regal Road, Hall Road, and many other important roads and buildings are a stone’s throw.
The rooms and suites of Avari Hotel Lahore are its signature feature. They are commodious and cozy. One can live at home there. The major significance of these suites and rooms is that they depict the feel of the traditional era. You will feel the aura of the emperorship era.
Moreover, along with these VIP rooms, one can get deluxe rooms that are reasonable in rates. However, they are as homelike as luxurious ones.
Avari Hotel’s marvelous and glorious feature is its cuisine. There is a wide range of world cuisines here. Moreover, their restaurants and eating mannerisms give the feel of Nawabs of Lakhnow. The presentation and decoration of delicious dishes present the exact feel of that noble age and their mannerisms.
So, you can have easy access to these yummy dishes whenever you want in the whole day. In addition to that, you can deal with a guest, if you have to while your stay, heartily with a delicious buffet and high tea.
Here in Avari  Hotel Lahore, you can have various other facilities too. Like you can have minibar here. Where you can enjoy different branded alcohols if you are a foreigner.
On the other hand, you can enjoy the warm and hot comfort of the spa here. Moreover, if you like taking a bath in a massive pool, then the pool of this hotel is waiting for you. Apart from these facilities, you have antique smoking lounges and gaming courts too.

Hotel One Lahore: A Deluxe place to Stay

After having a broad view of luxurious, grand and lavish hotels, now let’s jump towards the pocket-friendly, reasonable and deluxe hotels. The first name in this list of hotels in Lahore is Hotel One Lahore. It is a sub-project of Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore.
Hence, it has almost all the facilities like that grand hotel in reasonable pricing. Moreover, they introduce various amazing packages for their customers. Another worth-mentioning thing about hotel one is that it has four branches in Lahore. Let’s have a look at them!

  •  Hotels In Lahore | Mall road branch

The first branch is located at Mall Road. It is the serene area of Lahore. You can enjoy the calmness of Lahore in this hotel. Moreover, it is near to a lot of important places in Lahore. The most important thing is that you have a conveyance system provided by the hotel in this branch.

  •  Hotels In Lahore | Gulberg branch

Gulberg Branch is situated near M.M.Alam Road Lahore. It is near to Centre Point and Liberty Market. One can have easy access to the markets and bazaars for shopping while staying in this hotel. Furthermore, if you want to have some taste of outer restaurants, you can enjoy it here. Because you have various restaurants near to this hotel.

  •  Hotels In Lahore | Downtown branch

The downtown branch is located in the Old Lahore to provide its visitors with the essence of the conventional and traditional style of hospitality. If you are here to visit Lahore and to visit its tourist spots, this hotel is the best choice for you. As you have easy access to all remarkable sites of Lahore from this hotel. Moreover, you can enjoy the traditional Lahori cuisine here because all the famous food points are near to this hotel.

  •  Hotels In Lahore | Garden Town Branch
  • The last branch of Hotel One Lahore is in a garden town connected with Ferozepur road Lahore. The stay on this branch will suit you if you have some kind of business or official concerns in Lahore. Because this hotel one branch is near to many corporate sectors and offices.

At hotel One, one can enjoy versatile facilities without any hassle. You can have various types of rooms and suites. Like for lavish living, you can book an Executive Lounge. They are huge in their built and can accommodate a family. You can use them for fewer people too.
In addition to that, you can get Deluxe Twin that has two beds as its name points. It is for two people and you can use it for business or official stay in Lahore. Moreover, you can have suites for your stay that are grand and glorious in their space and appearance. Ultimately, it depends on your choice which one do you prefer according to your needs.
In other amenities, you can enjoy tasty and delicious meals at any time of the day. This hotel has a restaurant and a menu of versatile cuisines. Apart from this, you can have shake bars, smoking lounges, chess tables and many more for your pleasure.

Faletti’s Hotel Lahore: A Place for Comfortable Stay

Faletti’s Hotel is one of the popular and famous hotels in Lahore. It falls in the category of grand and expensive hotels of Lahore. Thus, if you want to make your stay at Lahore royal and elegant, you can have the services of Faletti’s Hotel Lahore. To know more about this hotel lets jump into its details!
Falleti’s Hotel is located near the crowded area of Shimla Pahari. It has many important businesses in Lahore near to it. Like LDA plaza, Al-Hamra Hall, Press Club and many more. Furthermore, it near to Old Lahore. One can enjoy as many visits to the old monuments as one wants. Above all, its rates are considerably pocket-friendly.
At Faletti’s, you get access to an amazing restaurant that provides you delicious and toothsome meals all day. You can get international standard breakfast, relishing lunch and grand dinner here in your package. Above all, if you want to have some outer meals, you can have that too. Because a lot of famous food points are here in the surroundings of this hotel.
Comfortable rooms are the most demanded thing by visitors. Hence, the management of Faletti’s Hotel has made it possible for its visitors. They offer you cozy and spacious rooms and suites too. If you are a single person, you can have a single bedded room. Contrary to that, if you are with your family, you can book a suite that is of massive space. You can stay there comfortably.
You can enjoy a bunch of other amenities like you get a swimming pool. Where you can enjoy a refreshing bath or in the sun you can bask in it. Moreover, a licensed bar is available here. As a foreigner, you can have different wines of your choice.

Park Lane Hotel Lahore: An Intelligent Choice for Stay

Park Lane Hotel Lahore falls in the category of medium-ranged hotels in Lahore. It has various categories of rooms based on the number of visitors. Moreover, it has an easy booking system and if you are coming by flight, you can book a cab from the hotel too. Further details of the hotel are following, have a look at them.
The rooms of Park Lane Hotel Lahore are broad and luxurious. You can book according to your needs.it has rooms with one bed, twin beds, one double bed and many more. Their rates are different. The amazing feature of their rooms is that you can dine in your room or suite. That is to say, you can enjoy your meals in your room.
Here at Park Lane Hotel Lahore, you have a restaurant that provides you tasty meals from different regions of the world. You can have Chinese, Thai, Continental and many more here. It all depends on your taste. Above all, you get this variety in all your meals, whether it is breakfast or dinner.
If you are a person, who likes to take a bath in open wide pools, then a huge pool of this hotel is waiting for you. You can enjoy that pool in your package. Moreover, in winter, you can bask in the sun too.

Nishat Hotel Lahore: A Depiction of Modern Architecture

Nishat hotel is a magnificent project of Nishat Group. It is annexed with Emporium Mall Lahore. However, its another branch is in Gulberg near Guru Mangat road. You can book your room in any branch that suits you and your purpose of stay.
Nishat Hotel Lahore is one of the marvelous hotels in Lahore. If you have planned your trip to Lahore lavishly, then you can stay here. It offers you amazing facilities. Their detailed review is as under:
Here at Nishat Hotel Lahore, you get modern architectural rooms that give you a feeling of grand living. Moreover, there auxiliary items like furniture, the interior that is soothing and has quite unique texture and colors. Moreover, their space is vast. You can stay here alone or with family both.
If you stay at the Johar town branch of Nishat Hotel Lahore, you will get the amazing facility of a shopping mall. Because this hotel is annexed with Emporium Shopping Mall. You can easily go there and buy articles of your needs. Furthermore, if you want to gift something to special ones, you can buy anything from here.
In Nishat Hotel you get easy access to the restaurant. Here you can enjoy yourself with various delicious meals. You can get versatile cuisines in this hotel. Furthermore, one can get all the meals of the day.

  1. Maisonette Hotel Lahore: A Place of Elegance and Traditions

Maisonette Hotel Lahore is one of the oldest hotels in Lahore. It is a budget-friendly hotel. In addition to hotels, it has resorts. So, if you travel to Lahore and have a mood of picnic too while you stay here, you can choose this hotel as your best option. Because it will cater to all you need.
It provides you the best-decorated rooms with great comfort. Along with that their interior gives you are a royal living aura. The furniture is classy. The significant thing is that it is situated in Gulberg lll Lahore which is an easy access area of Lahore.
In addition to that, you can enjoy toothsome meals here as Maisonette Hotel Lahore provides you a restaurant in it. Here you can satisfy your cravings of different cuisines at any time. The rates are reasonable and pocket-friendly in this hotel. Hence, you can have a profound stay in Lahore by staying at this hotel.

Hotels in Lahore: Smart Hotel The Best Place for Corporate Stay

Smart Hotel Lahore falls in this list of marvelous hotels of Lahore because it is the perfect option for business people and official delegates to stay here. It has a huge classroom-style lounge where one can hold one’s meetings. Apart from it, a gigantic board room is also available in Smart Hotel Lahore. You can arrange a meeting with up to 30 members in that room.
Furthermore, a remarkable restaurant is here in the hotel that provides you tasty meals. Moreover, for your stay, it has reliable rooms. Though these rooms are not that much massive, yet they are comfortable and cozy. Thus, they are suitable in all seasons.
The location of the Smart Hotel in Lahore is highly convenient as it is located in the are of Gulberg. One can easily reach it.

Hotels in Lahore: Lahore Continental Hotel Reasonable Place to Stay

Lahore Continental Hotel is a highly reasonable place to stay at Lahore. It is pocket-friendly and near to Allama Iqbal Airport. So, if you are coming to Lahore by plane and abruptly want to reach your hotel. The. Lahore Continental Hotel is the perfect choice for you. It is located in the area of Cavalry Ground.
Moreover, you can have comfortable rooms here. Above all, you get the facility of Barbeque here. So, if you want to throw a party to your fellows of family members, you can do that easily here. Just talk to the management and book it for your adventure.
Furthermore, for your stay, you get amazing facilities like a 24/7 open desk, room services, dine-in, and many other facilities.

Hotels in Lahore:Luxus Grand Hotel Replica of Traditional Reception

Luxus Grand Hotel is another example of traditional hospitality like Avari Hotel Lahore and Falleti’s Hotels in Lahore. It is located at Egerton road near Awan-i-Iqbal, a busy area of Lahore city. One can enjoy the real hustle and bustle of Lahore here. It has spacious and vast rooms and suites for singles, couples, and family.
Moreover, you can arrange your official meetings here as it has a massive board room. Where you can convene your meeting of about 40 people. As far as the concern of meals, you get a restaurant here from where you can avail yourself of delightful meals all day.

Hotels in Lahore: Ambassador A Name of Reliability

Ambassador Hotel is situated in the most prominent area of Lahore, Garhi Shahu Lahore near Davis Road. This hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Lahore. It has all the required facilities; a visitor of Lahore wants for his stay. It has a reasonable restaurant where you can enjoy your meals.
Moreover, if you have your convenience, you can get private parking at the Ambassador hotel. Further, it has a beautiful pool too. Apart from its amazing facilities, it is near to various important places of Lahore like Anarkali, Mall road, PC Hotel Lahore, Avari Hotel Lahore and many more.
So, this is a comprehensive guide for the selection of the best hotel of your choice while selecting a hotel in Lahore. We have tried our best to make it easy and simple. For further details and lists of hotels like this, stay tuned!