Tag: Faisal Mosque: A Depiction of Celestial Turkish Architecture!

Faisal Mosque: Celestial Turkish Architecture!

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Faisal Mosque is situated in the heavenly area of Islamabad. It is the biggest mosque of Pakistan that has the capacity to accommodate almost three lac people at a time. This mosque was built in 1996 when the Shah of Saudi Arabia Shah Faisal visited Pakistan and advised to build a mosque of magnificent grandeur. It was the era of Ayyub Khan when this mosque was built. 

Faisal Mosque has the potential to attract the colossal number of visitors towards its beauty and charm. Being situated in the lap of Margalla Hills, this mosque gives a heavenly pleasure to the viewers. Apart from its location, the architecture of this remarkable mosque is immensely attractive and unique. 
Faisal Mosque
When Faisal Mosque was to be built, there was held a competition related to its architecture. Almost forty-six designs were submitted from seventeen countries around the world. A grand meeting was held to select the most appropriate design according to the location. Resultantly, the design created by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokaya was approved and praised by all. 

Faisal Mosque

This mind-blowing architecture is one of the things that attracts visitors. Because the design of the Faisal Mosque is a vivid depiction of Asian Islamic Art. The structure of the mosque has arched roofs decorated with marvelously designed Arabic scripts. The astonishing thing about this arched ceiling is that it has no pillar for support. The roof is clutched into its walls hence, it needed no pillars. Moreover, the absence of traditional domes like other mosques in the world creates curiosity among the people to see this magnanimous feat of architecture. Hence, a lot of people visit this monument of Pak-Saudi Friendship.
Faisal Mosque

The interior of the mosque urged the visitors to pay a keen look at it. Because the interior is embellished with glorious works of marbles. Along with marble, the sleek work of the mosaic is present there. The most appealing thing is the calligraphy that is done by world-renowned artist, Sedequain. The calligraphy shows the true spirit of Islam. Moreover, we have gigantic in size and glorious in style Turkish Chandelier in the middle of the prayer hall of the mosque. This chandelier is the center of attraction in the hall of the mosque.
From the tourism point of view, apart from its grand architecture, there is a beautiful landscaped park and lawns to have a reasonable picnic. Moreover, there is also a museum that is worth-seeing and attracts visitors. A lot of historical things are there to see.
Faisal Mosque 
Faisal Mosque is the undying beauty of that heavenly area of Margalla Hills. It is the place that one must visit in his or her life. Hence, if you ever be a visitor to Pakistan or especially Islamabad, you must visit this glorious marvel to add a significant addition to your traveling experience.