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Get Comfortable and Reasonable Umrah Packages 2020 at EaseMyTrip Company

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Mostly People faced issue in selection of Umrah Packages,Below a complete intro about Umrah Packages, Every year a considerable number of Muslims perform Umrah as it is the second important physical worship in Islam. Among that vast number of Umrah pilgrims, a massive figure belongs to Pakistan.

Pilgrims who go to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan remains in search of reliable packages so that they can efficiently perform Umrah and will not face any issues regarding transport and living facilities. Hence, they search for various comfortable Umrah Packages so that they can perform their obligation conveniently.

Thus, to provide our people with hassle-free access to reliable Umrah Packages 2020 Pakistan, EaseMyTrip Company has introduced versatile Umrah Packages. These packages are designed, keeping in view your comfort and satisfaction.

Therefore, they have all facilities ranging from hotels to traveling facilities. You will not face any issues regarding these facilities. Our Packages are top-notch and has remarkable facilities.

We Provide Our Customers With Various Inexpensive Packages!

Moreover, they are economical and reasonable too. Therefore, these packages will not be a burden on your pocket. Hence, we try our best to provide you with complete ease and comfort, so that you can offer your sacred obligation, Umrah, with entire satisfaction.

Our Umrah packages with air ticket 2020 provide you with great ease; you just have to give us some necessary information regarding your passport credentials, and the other task is ours. We will do the remaining process, and you just are to prepare for your Umrah. Furthermore, we offer economical and luxurious Umrah Packages too.

If you have a reasonable budget and want to perform Umrah, no worries, we are here. Our inexpensive Umrah Packages 2020 Karachi will be suitable for you if you are to depart from Karachi. The same opportunity you can avail yourself from Lahore as we offer economical Umrah Packages 2020 Lahore too.

On the other hand, if you have a considerable budget and want to enjoy the luxuries of sacred cities of Makkah and Medina along with your Umrah, then we will provide you with luxurious Umrah Packages 2020 Pakistan. In these packages, you will get premium facilities, including five-star hotel residence and comfortable transport between the cities in Saudi Arabia.

Here is Detailed View of Our Packages

So, feeling curious about the packages and want to know more, let’s jump to the package’s details.

All these Umrah Packages 2020 Pakistan are divided into various groups based on different categories. Following are those classifications:

  • Packages based on Islamic Months
  • The Packages on the Basis of the hotel’s star
  • Packages based on the days you spend in the holy cities

Above are some classifications upon which all our Umrah Packages are based on. It depends on the choice of pilgrims that which type of package they need and demand. To provide you with complete details about it, the following is an explanation of all these packages.

Best Umrah Packages Based on Islamic Months

A lot of Muslims from Pakistan shows devotion to the holy obligation by going to perform Umrah in different sacred Islamic months. For instance, many pilgrims go to offer Umrah in Ramzan as it is a significantly blessed month, and the reward of every worship becomes doubled and tripled this month. Therefore, various pilgrims try to go to perform Umrah in the month of Ramzan. Hence, for their ease and comfort, we have designed Umrah Packages for the month of Ramzan.

Packages for Ramzan

For Ramzan Umrah, we have 14 nights stay package. Among those nights, seven will be spent in Makkah, and the other seven will be in Medina. You will get a 5-star hotel for your stay. In Makkah, it will be Dar-al -Aman Royal Makkah or a similar hotel to it.

This hotel is remarkably known for its location as it faces Haram, and the distance of it from Haram is considerably short. You will get a 5-star room in it.

The other seven nights that will be spent in Medina, you stay in hotel, Al-Eiman Royal Medina. The distance of this hotel is 150 meters from Masjid e Nabwi. Therefore, it is preferred by the pilgrims as they feel comfortable to go to perform Islamic obligations in Masjid e Nabwi. Again, you will get a 5-star room here.

Both hotels are 5-star, and you get double rooms here. These rooms can be availed for single-use, and you can also share them if you want to make them economical. For double sharing, it cost you 170,000 rupees; for triple sharing, it cost you 130,000 rupees, and if you share it Quad, you pay 120.000 for it.

The other facilities you will get in this Ramzan Umrah Package 2020 Pakistan are transportation, Iftars in Makkah and Medina.

Packages for Rabi Ul Awal

The same package you can get for a 10-night stay and also for seven nights stay too.

Many other pilgrims want to perform Umrah in the month of Rabi ul Awal as it is the month of birth of our Holy Prophet PBUH. Therefore, for their comfort, we have Rabi ul Awal Umrah Packages 2020 Lahore and also Umrah Packages 2020 Faisalabad too.

It means that you can go to offer Umrah form any city of Pakistan.

The Rabi Ul Awal Umrah Package comprises a total of 15 days. You will stay for the first four nights in Makkah and the last four nights again in Makkah. The middle six nights you will spend in Medina.

In Makkah, you stay in 3-star hotel Elaf Al Salam that is 1500 meters from Haram. It allows you comfort to perform all the parts of Umrah easily. The room you get will be 3-star and luxurious, and you get 24/7 service too.

After the first four days of stay in Makkah, you will go to Medina, and here you stay in Dar AL Eiman Ohud or any hotel similar to it. It is 250 meters away from Masjid e Nabwi. Hence, you can easily go to the sacred Mosque to perform all the obligations of Umrah.

The other auxiliary facilities you get in this package are transportation with your group and visa facilities. This Umrah Package will cost 96,000 per person. if you want to share your room, you can. Then the cost will automatically be lessened down.

Get Umrah Packages Based on Hotel Stars

We offer you the best Umrah Packages with air ticket 2020 from almost every major city of Pakistan. In these packages, the hotels for your stay in your Umrah duration, you get different Stared hotels. For example, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotels too. All the packages related to these hotels have different rates.

Moreover, these packages are economical and executive too. Get the complete detail in the following text:

Executive Umrah Package for Pilgrims 

In executive Umrah Packages, we offer you four different options. The hotels will be 5-star, and the service is up to the mark. You can get seven days package, three nights in Makkah, and three nights in Medina. The hotel you get here is Shazza Makkah or Fairmount Makkah, and it can be Hilton Suites too. This package will cost you 134,500 rupees per person. Moreover, you will get this package in Quad Sharing. On the other hand, in Medina, you stay in Dar al-Taqwa or Shazza Medina.

The Same Package you can get for ten days, five nights in Makkah, and five nights in Medina. This will cost you 175,500 rupees. However, if you get this package for 15 days, eight nights in Medina, and six nights in Makkah, you will bear the cost of 240,500 per person.

In addition to that, you can customize these packages according to your needs too. We want to provide you with complete comfort and ease.

Five Star Hotel Packages 

In 5-star hotel Umrah Packages 2020, you get versatile facilities ranging from luxurious staying rooms to comfortable transport between the cities. Again, you can avail yourself of this package for 7-day, ten-day and 15 days.

The package price of 3 nights in Medina and three nights in Makkah is 119,500 rupees per person for Quad Sharing. Whereas if you avail of this package for ten days, five-night in Medina and five-night in Makkah, it will cost you 144,500 per person. It is again for Quad Sharing. For 15 days package, you are to pay 184,500 rupees. You will stay eight nights in Median and six nights in Makkah.

When you are staying in Makkah, the hotels you get will be the Millennium Hotel or Movenpick. Now we have also added Pullman and Swissotel hotels in this package too. We do all this for your comfort and ease as it gives us pleasure and satisfaction that we are doing your service.

Moreover, when you shift to Medina for holy obligation, the hotels you stay in will be Medina Hilton or Anwar ul Medina Movenpick. The other options will be Golden Tulip Al Zahabi and Al-Haram. Hence, you get access to all the renowned hotels. We select the hotels of this package to ensure your ease and comfort. Thus, feel free to choose our Five Star Umrah Packages with ticket prices of highly low rates.

Premium Umrah Packages of 4-Star Hotels

We have introduced 4-star Umar Packages for those pilgrims who have a reasonable budget for their Umrah and want to get perfect comfort while offering their sacred obligation. In this package, we have added the famous 4-star hotels of Makkah and Medina that are known for their remarkable services.

You can avail of this premium package for seven days, ten days, 12 days, and even for 15 days stay in Makkah and Medina. In 7 days, the package will stay three nights in Makkah and three nights in Medina. This package will cost you 97,500 rupees per person. You have to share it in Quad. For ten days package, your five nights will be in Medina, and five will be in Makkah. And this package cost you 124,500 rupees per person. This package is also a Quad sharing room.

The offer can be availed for 12 days and 15 days Umrah. The hotels you will get here in this package are also remarkable. Medina hotels will be Nozol Royal Inn or Mukhatra International. Both hotels are known for their premium standards. In addition to that, we offer you Dar Al Naeem and Zowar International. We have made this variety for pilgrims so that they can efficiently perform the rituals of Umrah.

Economical Umrah Packages 

A lot of pilgrims have an extremely reasonable budget for Umrah. Therefore, we have made it possible for them to perform Umrah conveniently. We have introduced highly affordable Umrah Packages for these pilgrims. These Umrah Packages Lahore with ticket Price of highly affordable rates are specially for these people who have a strong desire to perform Umrah and have not that much high budget for it.

In our economical Umrah Package, you get different options in regards to staying days and nights. You can get the package for seven days, ten days, and 15 days. In 7 days package, you will stay in Medina for three nights and three nights in Makkah. The rooms you get are amazing and perfect for a short stay. This package will cost you 68,999 rupees per person in quad sharing. Sharing makes it more affordable and economical.

The other option you get is of 10 days, five days in Medina, and five days in Makkah. It will cost you 74,999 rupees per person for quad sharing. Furthermore, if you choose the same package for 12 days, seven days in Medina, and five days in Makkah, you will get it in 86,999 rupees per person. Hence, it depends on your choice which type of package suits you. We are here to provide you with all the assistance and guidance regarding these packages.

The hotels you get for economic package are two stars or three stars. They are perfect in their services and facilities. In Makkah, you will get Areej Al Falah or Burj al-Sultan for your stay. Moreover, we also offer to stay in Areej Al Wafa and Nawarat Ul Shams.

Whereas in Medina, you will stay in Ishraq Al Bustan and also in the Salihiya Hotel. Both hotels are known for their best services.

Get Our Services and Comfortably Perform Your Umrah 


Above are the Umrah Packages that comprised of Umrah Packages 2020 Peshawar and Umrah Packages 2020 Karachi with ticket. Ultimately, you can avail yourself of these packages from anywhere in Pakistan. We have made it easy for our customers and nee pilgrims to perform their Umrah without any hurdles and issues. We try our best to provide you with the perfect comfort and ease during your holy obligation.

Hence, allow us to provide you with our remarkable services and to become your partner in the offering of this reverend and sacred obligation.