Park Lane Hotel in Lahore

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Park Lane Hotel Lahore falls in the category of medium-ranged hotels in Lahore. It has various categories of rooms based on the number of visitors. Moreover, it has an easy booking system and if you are coming by flight, you can book a cab from the hotel too. Further details of the hotel are following, have a look at them.
Park Lane Hotel in Lahore

Park Lane Hotel in Lahore

The rooms of Park Lane Hotel Lahore are broad and luxurious. You can book according to your needs.it has rooms with one bed, twin beds, one double bed and many more. Their rates are different. The amazing feature of their rooms is that you can dine in your room or suite. That is to say, you can enjoy your meals in your room. 
Park Lane Hotel in Lahore
Here at Park Lane Hotel Lahore, you have a restaurant that provides you tasty meals from different regions of the world. You can have Chinese, Thai, Continental and many more here. It all depends on your taste. Above all, you get this variety in all your meals, whether it is breakfast or dinner. 
Park Lane Hotel in Lahore
If you are a person, who likes to take a bath in open wide pools, then a huge pool of this hotel is waiting for you. You can enjoy that pool in your package. Moreover, in winter, you can bask in the sun too.

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