Incredibly Best Valleys of Pakistan!

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Pakistan is an amazingly beautiful place laden with marvelous feats of natural splendor. Allah Almighty has bestowed it with every type of natural beauty ranging from mountains, lush green meadows to the desert, and astounding seas. However, the beauty of the valleys of Pakistan is at another level and has no competition.
Most of these valleys are situated in the northern areas of Pakistan. Usually, Valley stays in the lap of mountains and the northern regions of Pakistan are hilly; therefore, these valleys are there. They are stunningly beautiful. Almost ten valleys are there, and each of them has a sensational attraction.
Every year an immense number of people visit these amazingly glorious places. Even a huge number of international tourists visit them to enjoy the awe-inspiring nature of Pakistan. However, many tourists feel difficult to select from these valleys that which one should be visited. For your ease, we have created a list of the best valleys in Pakistan along with their characteristics and visiting points. You can select your favorite one easily after reading it. Let dig into it!

Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley Pakistan is one of those remarkably beautiful valleys situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan region. It is known as Heaven on earth resting in the lap of the huge Himalayas and high Karakoram Mountain Ranges. It remains in the extreme part of this northern area near to Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan border. From here, you can go hiking to Swat and Gandhara as it is the easiest route from here. The elevation of Hunza is 2438 meters from the sea level.
This is encircled with various renowned peaks like Darmyal Peak, Ultar Peak, Rakaposhi, Ladyfinger Peak, and the famous Hunza Peak. These peaks and their attraction is one of the major reasons that the tourist has a craving for and visit this marvelous feat of nature. Along with these peaks, there are amazingly crafted meadows decorated with lush green grass and trees that captivate the visitors. Moreover, a massive number of fruits are grown here, ranging from delicious apples to ravishing apricots.
Apart from these beauties, the impressive medieval forts are another drawing card for the tourists. These forts portray the real architect and culture of that era. These forts are known as Altit and Baltit Forts. However, from them, the Baltit Fort has turned into a heritage museum after a significant renovation. Whereas the Altit Fort is almost in its real shape situated on the rocky mountain near the Hunza River. It provides the flawless depiction of that glorious age. Hence, these forts significantly add to the beauty of this must-visit Valley.
The famous bazaar of KarimAbad provides you a realistic image of the culture of Hunza. It is known for its marvelously designed handicrafts and handmade rugs. Moreover, you can get tradition embraided caps and shawls from here for yourself and your loved ones. The craftsmanship of Hunza is famous in the whole world.
Hence, if you ever get a chance, do pay a visit to this picturesque Valley to have the amazing taste of natural beauty.

Swat Valley

Swat Valley Pakistan is known as Switzerland of Pakistan, from here one can asses its level of beauty. It has the most charming and scenic places to visit. Therefore, every year a lot of tourists visit this valley. Swat has the oldest civilization history. People of this are the descendants of the oldest culture. Hence, this culture is also a source of attraction for tourists. It makes this a cultural heritage point along with a scenic place of tourism.
Apart from the tourist point of view Swat is highly important from a strategic perspective. Major parts of Continent Asia meet here that are Central Asia, South Asia, and China. This strategic significance makes this a place of massive importance.
This mesmerizing Swat has a lot of things of attraction ranging from mountains, rivers to lush green fields. Moreover, the architectural designs of the houses of this are also worth seeing. The elevation of Swat is between 976 meters to 2900 meters. Moreover, the highest peak of the area Hindu Kush range is Falak Sher Peak, and that is situated in his area. The height of this peak is 5918 meters. This adds tot eh beauty of the. Along with these peaks, crystal watered streams and rivers are another major attraction.
The other attractive places to visit are the Swat Museum, White Palace, Fizagat, Margazar, Buddhist Stupas, and Shrine of Akhund. These are cultural heritage points that captivate you to visit it. The Buddhist Stupas are famous as many people in this area are Buddhists.
To make your trip memorable, you can get Swati embroidery on your shawls and caps. Apart from this, the ornaments of this are famous all over the world. You can buy them from here and can gift them to your loved ones. It will make your trip memorable.
Then what about visiting Swat this year?

Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley Pakistan is located in the Chitral region. The people of this area are the only Pegan people of Pakistan and creates a small community in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Once they were in massive numbers, but now they are becoming minority even in their area. They are beautiful people in appearance, and this is the major reason that other people visit Kalash.
This beautiful Kalash is further divided into three valleys, namely Rumbur, Brumbret, and Birir. From these valleys, Rumbur and Brumbret are modern ones, and the people of these two valleys are mostly Muslims. On the other hand, the people of Birir are traditional ones, and they are orthodox Kalashi people. They follow the proper cultural values.
The marvelous thing about this that makes it must visit the place is its festivals. There are three festivals that the Kalash people celebrate. They depict the marvelous culture of Kalash people amazingly. A lot of people try to visit Kalash these days when these festivals are celebrated.
Chilam Joshi is the prominent one among those festivals. It is celebrated in May, and they celebrate at the arrival of spring. People embellish their houses, dance at night, and eat a lot of delicious meals. Schau is the second festival that takes place in August. It is celebrated at the altar of Mahadeo, where people make cheese from milk. The third and last one is Caumus that is celebrated in December, and it is considered the most important festival in Kalash.
So, plan a trip to Heaven on earth now!

Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley Pakistan is resting calmly a little bit away from Gilgit Baltistan, enjoying in the lap of snowy mountains, huge trees forests, and mesmerizing lakes. It is almost 40 kilometers from Gilgit. It is the vivid depiction of the craftsmanship of nature. The route to Naltar is tedious and ticklish. One has to show massive courage to go from this route as no jeep of a car can take you there. You have to go on your own. But if you have little idea that what astounding beauty you will be getting after reaching there, you will never hesitate to start your journey.
The major beauty of Naltar is white snow. The mountains of the Naltar are covered with milky snow all the years, whether it is summer or winter. This whitish view of mountains and peaks allure the visitors. Moreover, there are two famous peaks, namely Maharbani Peak and Palo Peak. Both are famous among the tourists as the height of this peak is about 5639 meters. This peak is connected with the Karakoram range. Another peak Shani Peak is there in the south of Naltar.
The lakes of Naltar are famous for their watercolors. The water of these lakes is blue and also crystal clear too. These lakes are known as Naltar Lakes. The most spellbinding lake is Rainbow Lake, as it is at high altitude between 3050 to 3130. This height makes this lake a wonder. Tourist is attracted towards this astounding lake.
In summer, Naltar becomes Heaven on earth as it becomes completely green. Its meadows appear after the snow melts. In March, the snow starts to melt. Thus, in the summer season, its lush green meadows appear and attract the tourists. Moreover, the longest chairlift is in this that is a massive attraction.
So, are you going to enjoy the beauty of Naltar?

Soon Valley

Soon Valley has significant importance as it the only Valley that is situated out of the northern region of Pakistan. It is also known as Soon Sakesar as it is situated near the sakesar peak. It locates in the northwest part of Khushab District, ranging from the village of Padhrar to the highest peak of Salt Range Sakesar. This is decorated with various trees, lakes, pools, and waterfalls. These beauties make it an attractive place to visit. Every year a significant number of people visit this spectacular Valley.
The atmosphere of Soon is friendly; you can visit it for the whole year. However, in the winter season, the weather becomes cold. In summer, it remains normal. The perfect time to visit this is monsoon time, as the clouds of the monsoon make it sensational with their soothing breeze. Moreover, if you go with complete preparation, you can enjoy the beautiful rain there too. Also, you can enjoy the rainbow there because the area is vast, you can see it.
Moreover, Sakesar peak is the highest point of the Salt Range and attracts tourists. Its height is 1530 meters from the sea level. At the footing of this peak, there is a beautiful lake, Uchali Lake. The water of this lake is cold, and the color of it is silver. It is one of the attractions for tourists. The amazing thing about this mountain is that it is the only mountain that gets snow in the winter season in this area of Punjab.
Apart from the highest peak and lakes, the forests of Soon are worth seeing. There is a different type of tree in the forest of this Valley. They are mostly green and towering.
All these beauties make Soon Valley one of the Best Valleys of Pakistan. Whenever you find an opportunity, do visit it.

Kalam Valley

Kalam Valley situated in the Swat Valley, or you can say it is the part of Swat. This is famous for trekking as it has various trekking points. These routes are long and tedious. The risks at these routes attract the true legends of trekking from all over the world that have the real taste of trekking. They come here every year and polish their talent along with enjoying it.
The most popular treks lead to Kandol and Spinkhor Lake. Both lakes have jaw-dropping beauty and mesmerizing attractions. Their water is sea green and blue. The clear shadow of mountains can be seen in the water of these lakes. The serenity and calmness are major characteristics of these two lakes.
Apart from famous lakes, another lake is there that is the center of attraction for tourists known as Mahogany Lake. It is the most visited lake in the area. Jeeps can take you to this lake because it is the most visited lake, that’s why you will find a lot of visitors and the hustle and bustle here. So, if you like the rush area you can go there on the other hand if you love calm places, then you must go to Kandol or Spinkhor Lakes.
Another point where you can reach after trekking is Desan Meadows. Desan Meadows are stunning meadows resting in the mountains of Kalam. It has lush green grass and trees that turn yellow and golden in Autumn.
Hence, trekking is the prominent feature of Kalam, so if you are adventurous enough, do plan a trip to this spectacular point.

Chitral Valley

Chitral Valley is encircled with the huge mountains of Hindu Kush Range. The elevation level of Chitral is 7709 meters from the sea level. This mesmerizing Valley has various other marvelous valleys in it, and among them, Kalash is the most beautiful one. Apart from this, there are various other points to visit in Chitral, ranging from mountains, planes to lakes. Let’s have a look at them!
The most astounding point to visit is Tirch Mir Peak, which is almost 7708 meters high. It is the highest peak of the Hindu Kush range. The dawn and dusk at this peak are a must viewed scene. The other place that must be visited is the Chitral Museum. It is the heritage of Chitrali people and the preservation of their ancestors and culture. Furthermore, the museum is divided into two parts. One is archeological, and the other is ethnological.
Apart from the above natural and architectural places, you can visit the Shahi Masjid. It is the perfect depiction of the flawless architecture of that era. It is embellished with pure white marble all over it. In addition to that, there is a Shahi Qilla, too, that is worth seeing. It is built on the residence of nadir Shah. In short, both these places are cultural and heritage of Chitral. If you visit them, they will surely provide you with pleasure.
The other places that you can visit are Garam Chashma, Ayun, and Shandur Polo Ground. Hence, Chitral  is a complete package that will force you to enjoy its flawless beauty. Then make a plan to visit it.

Leepa Valley

Leepa Valley is located in Azad Kashmir, almost 25 kilometers away from Muzaffarabad. It is one of the mesmerizing valleys of Kashmir as it has jaw-dropping beauty. The weather in Leepa is fair and friendly. You can visit it at any time of the whole year. There are a lot of places and points that you can visit. But the meadows of this Valley are the most visited places.
Furthermore, Leepa is divided into four parts; Reshian, Canadian, Dao Khan, and Leepa. These four places are little valleys. Reshian is the gateway to the Leepa. It is almost 67 kilometers away from Muzaffarabad. The elevation of this area is 1674 meters from the sea levels. Chananian has strategic importance as it located at the line of control. It is situated opposite to the village of Leepa. Its altitude is 2226 meters. The major characteristic of this part of the Leepa is pine trees. It has a pine tree forest. Moreover, the famous Nullah Qazi Naag is flowing along with it.
Dao Kahn is known for its calm and cool atmosphere. The serenity of this area attracts the tourists. It is almost 70 kilometers away from Muzaffarabad. Its outstanding natural beauty is its branding. After Dao khan comes Leepa Valley. Leepa Village is 1921 meters high from the sea level. It famous for its blooming rice fields and versatile fruits. Apple, walnuts, and cheery are famous fruits of this area. Moreover, the houses of Leepa Village are worth seeing as they are designed in pure Kashmiri style. This village is 38 kilometers away from Reshian.
Jeeps are mostly used to reach there, as the route to this alluring Leepa is rocky and hard. Moreover, you can take your cars too if they are strong enough. Do plan a visit as it will be a heavenly tour of yours.

Shigar Valley

Shigar Valley is one of the longest valleys of Pakistan. It stretches 170 kilometers ranging from Skardu to Askole. It is also one of the most visited valleys in the Gilgit-Baltistan region. Moreover, it is known as the gateway to the Karakorum Range.
The weather in Shigar is amazing. The most appropriate time to visit this beautiful is March to May, as it is the season of spring. The trees become lush green after the severe winter and the flowers blossom in attractive colors. Tourists try to visit the Valley in this period. Moreover, in the summer season, Shigar turns into Heaven as the lakes come into their real form, and their waters give their original adorable colors.
In Shigar, there are several places that you can visit, among them the best place to visit is Blind Lake. The water of this lake is green, and the shadow of surrounding mountains can be seen in it. This lake is locally known as Jarbazoo Lake. It is located almost 25 minutes away from Shigar View Point, which is another wonderful place to visit. From this point, you can have a look at the whole as it is the high point of the Shigar; hence, you can easily see the form here.
List Of Valleys
Apart from these points, you can visit the famous Cold Desert of Shigar. It is also known as Katpana Desert. The sand of this desert is covered with snow almost all year. It makes it one of the wonderful points to visit. In addition to that, you can visit an apple garden known as Hashupi Bagh. It has a variety of apples in this Garden. Apart from apples, cheery also be found here. It is also a perfect tourist spot. It is also near to the Shigar. You have to do 80 mins drive from Skardu City to this Garden.
Hence, Shigar is a wonderful place to visit, as it will cherish you entirely. Whenever you get a chance to visit it, do pay a visit.

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