Avari Hotel in Lahore

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Avari Hotel in Lahore is the second most astonishing and homely place to make you stay at Lahore memorable is Avari Hotel Lahore. It is one of those hotels and places that revives the traditional hospitality of the Mughal and Lakhnavi era. Its architectural design though presents the modern image, however, its essence and feel depict the traditional taste. Hence, if you are in Lahore, and want to have a reasonable yet outlandish place to stay, Avari hotel is one of them. You can relish your stay starting from 93 dollars in this conventional cum modern hotel.
Avari Hotel in Lahore
Avari Hotel Lahore is situated on the edge of the tree decorated road, Mall road facing the Lahore zoo in front of it. It is near to the Charing Cross that is the hub of various traditional and grand architectural buildings. Furthermore, it has a lot of amazing areas near it. Many famous roads are linked to it. For instance, Davis Road, Regal Road, Hall Road, and many other important roads and buildings are a stone’s throw.
Avari Hotel in Lahore
The rooms and suites of Avari Hotel Lahore are its signature feature. They are commodious and cozy. One can live at home there. The major significance of these suites and rooms is that they depict the feel of the traditional era. You will feel the aura of the emperorship era. Moreover, along with these VIP rooms, one can get deluxe rooms that are reasonable in rates. However, they are as homelike as luxurious ones.
Avari Hotel in Lahore

Avari Hotel in Lahore

Avari Hotel’s marvelous and glorious feature is its cuisine. There is a wide range of world cuisines here. Moreover, their restaurants and eating mannerisms give the feel of Nawabs of Lakhnow. The presentation and decoration of delicious dishes present the exact feel of that noble age and their mannerisms. So, you can have easy access to these yummy dishes whenever you want in the whole day. In addition to that, you can deal with a guest, if you have to while your stay, heartily with a delicious buffet and high tea.
Avari Hotel in Lahore
Here in Avari Hotel Lahore, you can have various other facilities too. Like you can have minibar here. Where you can enjoy different branded alcohols if you are a foreigner. On the other hand, you can enjoy the warm and hot comfort of the spa here. Moreover, if you like taking a bath in a massive pool, then the pool of this hotel is waiting for you. Apart from these facilities, you have antique smoking lounges and gaming courts too.

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