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Babusar Top: A Place to be Visited Again and Again

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Babusar Top is one of the marvelous feats of nature located in the lap of Kaghan Valley. Every year an abundant number of tourists visit this remarkable spot. It is its beauty and outlandish picturesque characteristic that attract the visitors and make it, again and again, visited the place.
The amazing Babusar Top is the highest point of Babusar pass, and its elevation is 4173 meters that make it the highest point in the area. From its Top, you can enjoy the complete beauty of Kaghan valley. You can easily reach the Top by cars or jeeps. If you have your well and good but if you have, nothing to worry. There are jeeps you can hire them and go to the Top to enjoy yourself.
From this pass, you can go to Chilas through the Thak Nala route. A lot of people use this route in the summer season to enjoy the soothing beauty of the area. Moreover, by using this route, you can go to Khunjrab Pass without any hurdle as this route ultimately leads to it.
The Best Place of Pakistan season to visit this landmark of beauty is the summer season, ranging from June to September. Because in the winter season the routes to Babusar Top are blocked due to snow. Even all the routes ahead of Naran are blocked. Hence, you must visit this tourist point in the summer season to have full recreation there.Babusar Top

Location Map of this Awe-Inspiring Point Babusar Top

The location map of this glorious point starts from Kiwai, a place that comes before Kaghan Valley. From Kiwai you can also go to Siri Paye. It also a sightseeing place. From Sitri Paye a road emerges. This road reaches Kgahan valley, and from here you can go to Naran by going along with the route of Kunhar River.
All these routes provide you marvelous view of beautiful nature. Green trees, flashing water of Kunahr and beauty of local people. After crossing Naran, you reach Batakundi that leads to Siran Valley. In Siran Valley, you can go to Siran Top that is also another place of the worthwhile tour. From Siran valley, a steep and snake-shaped route goes to Bausar Top.
This road is risky and dangerous; however, the adventure demands some risk. From here, you can hire specific jeeps that are tuned to run on this risky route. Even the route to Top is risky, yet the delight you will get by going there is priceless and immeasurable.

An atmosphere of the Top Babusar Top

The weather of Babusar Top is critical and unpredictable. You cannot judge it by just having the weather forecast. Generally, the cool breeze blows here as its height is towering. Moreover, most of the time, clouds remain traveling at the peak. However, sometimes sunlight appears there. Many times, people visit it, and it starts to rain. Hence, whenever you go there, go prepared. Take raincoats and extra warm clothes too, to keep yourself protected.
What are the things you can enjoy at or from Babusar Top? Here is the list!

Splendid View of Spectacular Malika-I-Parbat Babusar Top

The most Splendid view you can have for this towering Top is the spectacular view of Malika I Parbat. It is the highest peak off the region as its height is 17000ft. This peak is decorated with green meadows, snaky roads, and flashing streams.
Apart from Malika I Parbat you can have a proper look at the snow-covered mountains of Kashmir. Also, you can enjoy the look of China Border from here. Hence, you must pay a visit to this earthly heaven once in your life.

Rare Habitat in Jhalkad Village Babusar Top

There is no habitat at Babusar Top because the weather condition of this area is critical. It is highly difficult to have l, life there. However, you can find a rare habitat in the village of Jhalkad at this Top. This village is a base camp for the people who visit this Top, Noori Top and also Dudipastar Top.
So, if you ever visit Babusar Top, you can stay there for a while and relish yourself with the beauty of the area. However, your stay cannot be so long as the weather is unpredictable.

A cluster of Various Trees and Versatile Animals Babusar Top 

Here at Babusar Top, you find a forest too. This forest has a cluster of trees of different kinds. The prominent among them are Oak, Pine, and Deodars. Furthermore, you can see versatile animals and birds here. For instance, the abundance of Snow Pigeons and Snowcocks are present here. Apart from that hawks and owls are too available. Moreover, sheep and marmots are also present here. You can enjoy the company of all these biodiversities while you little stay at this astonishing tourist point.

Soothing Pleasure of Chai Dhabas Babusar Top

In these modern times, wherever you go, you will find advanced hotels and restaurants. But here at Bausar Top, you do not find any restaurants due to the weather. Moreover, the absence of restaurants shows the naturality of this place. However, you find chai dhabas here. These chai dhabas provide you with a soothing pleasure when you take tea in such a magnificent atmosphere. It will be the most valuable moment of your tour.

Different Points You Can Visit From Bausar Top

Babusar Top leads you to various other tourist points. For instance, you can visit Lake Saif ul Malook form here. It comes before the Top in Naran valley. Moreover, you can go to Khunjrab Pass from here that leads you to China Border. Both these places are worth-seeing and pleasant to be visited.
Furthermore, you can go to Gilgit and Chilas from here as a road leads to both these points. So make a plan of the trip now to visit all these remarkable landmarks of nature.
Hence, if you are a true lover of nature and adventure, you must pay a visit to this amazing tourist point. Certainly, it will make your time memorable, and your money will not be wasted for sure.
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7 Awe-Inspiring Places to Visit in Naran Kaghan Valley

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7 Awe-Inspiring Places to Visit in Naran Kaghan Valley
Naran Kaghan valley is one of the beautiful places to visit in Pakistan that attracts tourists with their dazzle and beauty. It is situated in the lap of the mountains of the Mansehra region, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The most stunning thing about this amazingly beautiful valley is that it is a complete package-place.
This means if you are either a greenery lover or like to spend days in snow-covered huts, this place is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you feel pleasure in hiking or like fishing this valley will provide you endless opportunities to fulfill your desires.
This is the reason that every year a massive number of national and international tourists visit Naran Kaghan Valley to satisfy their craving of nature.
Naran Kaghan is the amalgamation of various jheels, rivers, famous mountains and vast tourists’ spots. Kaghan is the valley and Naran is a small village that is part of this beautiful valley. Both valleys provide breathtaking points to visit.
However, this list is vast, yet we will provide you the outstanding points that are must be visited while your tour of Naran Kaghan. So, are you excited? Then let’s jump into the valley!
Naran Kaghan

Lake Saif ul Malook Naran Kaghan

The first and the most stunning place that you should visit while your tour of Naran Kaghan is Lake Saif ul Malook. This lake is in Naran valley and has two routes to reach it. Both routes can be used. Either you can get there by a jeep or also you can go hiking if you like more adventure.
The astonishing adventure comes when the season turns into winter. Because in winter season all the routes are covered with snow and you must do snow hiking. This makes the journey to lake a marvelous adventure.
A lot of people visit lake Saif ul Malook in winters just to enjoy this remarkable scene and adventure. However, many people like to go in the summer season as the water of the lake gives a green shade and the mountains remain decorated with lush green trees. It provides picturesque scenery to the visitors to enjoy.

Babusar Top Naran Kaghan

Babusar Top is the second massively visited point in Naran Kaghan Valley. It is the highest point of the valley and situated on a huge towering mountain. You can reach there by special jeeps that are tuned to run on those risky and snaky roads. However, the route is full of adventure.
A vast number of adventure lovers do hike to reach this amazing point. This point is most visited between July and September because the roads remain clear. Contrary to that in other months of the year, the roads remain closed due to snow. There are some eating points at Babusar top where you can enjoy local eatables. Moreover, you can take pictures to make your precious moments memorable.

Lulusar Lake Naran Kaghan

Lulusar Lake is famous for its crystal-clear waters and this flawless beauty of this lake captures the gaze of tourists.  This lake is almost twenty-five kilometers away from Naran valley. You can go there by jeeps. Another beautiful aspect of this lake is that its water turns into turquoise color when the sunlight touches it. This view must be seen once in life. So, if you visit Naran Kaghando pay a visit to this lake to have the taste of this incredible view.
Reminder: Lulusar Lake can be visited in the summer season only as in winter it becomes frozen.

Shogran Naran Kaghan

Shogran is another marvelous point to visit in Naran Kaghan. It is situated on lofty mountains and comes before Kaghan when you go through the Manshera route. There are many exquisite and comfortable hotels to stay in. You can book any of them. Moreover, in winter you can enjoy the snow falling clearly in this area of the valley because it has plain areas. In summer those areas act as meadows for the animals of the native people.

Siri Paye Naran Kaghan

Siri Paye is a tourist point that comes before reaching Kaghan and is a high situated point. From here you can have the view of huge mountains. Even you can have a vivid look at the peaks and tops of the mountains. Siri Paye is the word from the native language of that area and its meaning is a “high point”. This also has a hiking track; you can go through it. Contrary to that you can also take a jeep to reach the highest point of the valley.

Ansoo Jheel Naran Kaghan

This lake is one of the remarkable feats of nature is the Naran Kaghan valley. If you look at this lake from a high top of a mountain you will know that it looks like a human eye and a water drop is sprinkling from it. That’s why it is called Ansoo Jheel. Summer season is the most suitable season to vast this lake and it takes seven to eight hours to reach it from Lake Saif ul Malook. Only the people who have the energy to do this much strong hiking can go there as no jeep takes you here. It is a pure hiking spot.

Lalazar Naran Kaghan

Lalazar is situated in Kaghan valley and it is about thirty-two hundred meters above from sea level. This area is laden with green trees that are long too. Hence, this place is to be visited in the summer season so that you can enjoy the greenery of the beautiful trees. Moreover, the river Kunhar is going with this beautiful valley and the sparkling water of this river can be enjoyed in just the summer season.
In addition to that, the trees are mostly of “Deodar” that are towering and sky-touching.  This place is also known as the “Valley of Blooming Flowers”. Because it is spring season various types of flowers blossom in this green part of the valley.
So, these are some of the incredibly beautiful points that you must visit while you tour to Naran Kaghan valley. because without visiting these breathtaking tourist points, your tour will remain flavorless.

Lake Saif ul Malook: A Marvelous Feat of Nature

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Lake Saif ul Malook is one of the incredibly handsome places of Naran Kaghan Valley. Every year an immense number of tourists come here to see this flawlessly crafted marvelous feat of nature. Because this lake is laying in the lap of the mountains. Moreover, the water of this lake comes from various glaciers of the area and then amalgamate in the lake. Hence, different sources of water make the water of this lake uniquely colorful. It is a major reason for the attraction of this lake that catches the sight of visitors.
Another thing that attracts the tourists and creates a spark to their craving for the view of this lake, is the secret story of the lake that is told by many people. Because Lake Saif ul Malook is situated in the lap of various beautiful mountains in the village of Naran, it makes this lake a flawless beauty of the attraction.  Furthermore, in those mountains remains the famous “Malikai Parbat” that itself a prominent point for tourists.
Before jumping to the curious story of the lake let’s have a look at what you can do here while you visit this amazingly attractive lake.
Saif ul Malook

What can you do to enjoy yourself at Saif ul Malook Lake?

This is a question of magnanimous importance because when you visit any tourist point, you try to find what things you can do there to amuse yourself. So, that stay at this gorgeous lake has laden with versatile activities you can do to enjoy yourselves. Here is the list!


The first and foremost thing that you can do here is fishing. The crystal blue water of the lake has an abundance of Brown Trout fish that is profound in its benefits. However, this fish only can be caught by professional fishermen who know to do this tiring task. Apart from this, there are other species of fish too that you can catch.


Boating is entirely an amazing experience in this lake. There are professional boaters that help you to do boating in the deep waters of this huge lake. Moreover, these boats can accommodate many people at a time. Hence, you can enjoy boating with your family too.  This boating can be done between the months of July and September as the whole other year the lake remains frozen. In the winter season, you can even walk on the water of the lake as it froze completely.


The most adventurous thing you can do at Saif ul Malook Lake is camping. Because in the night the water of the lake shines brightly, and the moon looks dancing in the water of the lake. This incredible scene is outstanding, and no one can resist the soothing effect of this scenery. Only those can enjoy it who camp at night there. Moreover, you can do a BBQ there and make your camping more adventurous and amazing.

Clandestine Story of the Lake

After having viewed the activities you can do here at the lake now let go towards the exceptional story of the lake that is one of the major reasons for tourists to visit this lake.
The exquisite fairy tale of the Saif ul Malook lake emerges from the poetry of Punjabi Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Baksh. The events of the tale as follows:

Events of the Fairy Tale

It is said that there was a handsome prince Saif ul Malook who fell in love with beautiful princess Badi ul Jamal. The prince belonged to Egypt whereas the princess belonged to this area. Saif ul Malook came here in search of the princess but he could not find her. His love was so pure and unshakable that it demands a meeting.
Eventually, in the strong feeling of love, the prince started to do Chilla. So that he could meet the princess once.  He remained hungry for forty days in order to complete his promise. His condition became miserable but the love for the princess gave him power and he completed his Chilla.
Ultimately, one day he saw that the princess Badi ul Jamal came with her friends to this lake to have a bath. The prince saw her and talk to her. After the talk, he came to know that a Safaid Deo has captured the princess in the Koh Qahf because that Deo also loves her passionately. On listening to this, Saif ul Malook took the princess and ran. After some time, the Safaid Deo came to know this, he with his power brought a flood in the lake and the valley. Resultantly, the water of that flood remained in the lap of mountains and formed a lake.
Many historians say that another lake is there near to lake Saif ul Malook known as Ansoo Jheel. This lake is formed with the tears of that Safaid Deo, who wept in the memory of the princess.
Now how true these both legendary tales are not known. But a saint once said that he had not seen the fairy or princess, but when the fourteenth night of moon arrives the water of the lake shines like a bright star. The clear reflection of the moon could be seen in the water and the water becomes completely clear like a mirror. In this heavenly scene, the water becomes mirror clear, the mountains give the depiction of dancing, the sky portrays countless flowers and the moon glows at its full. Like all these heavenly monuments are signaling towards the unbreakable relation of Saif ul Malook and Badi ul Jamal.
This is the secretive story or fairy tale that creates a strong curiosity among the tourists and the real lover of adventure come here on the fourteenth night of the moon and enjoy the scenic beauty of this earthly paradise.
The pith and marrow are that Saif ul Malook Lake is worth seeing and you should pay a visit to this legendary place once in your life to satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Fantastic Places in Neelum Valley You Must Know About

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Are you on holiday and looking for a place to make them memorable? Then Neelum Valley is your perfect destination. Also, it would be a wonderful choice as it is called “Paradise of Kashmir”. This strikingly beautiful valley is situated on “River Neelam” that’s why it called Neelum Valley. Another myth is there that this valley is named after the “Stone Neelum” but it is a myth and there is no solid proof of it.
Moreover, if your plan is to spend your precious days in the lap of natural lush green trees and huge mountains, it is your place. Because this valley is laden with various types of trees that bear different delicious and colorful fruits like Apricot, Plums, Apple and many more. Further, the towering mountains of this valley attract the gaze of tourists. Hence, Neelum Valley is the best choice to spend your vacation while enjoying the undying beauty of nature.
After the selection of this remarkable tourist places, you should know some specific things about this valley as they are essential to know for a visitor. These necessary details have information about the points and visiting places in the valley where you can go and enjoy your tour. These places ranging from notable mountains to famous tress that provide toothsome fruit. So are you ready to explore the Neelum Valley? Let’s go then!

Beautiful Glaciered Ratti Gali Lake Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley
The first and foremost place to visit in the paradise of Beautiful Glaciered Ratti Gali Lake Neelum Valley. The amazing thing about this lake that makes it a marvelous tourist point is that this lake comes from the laps of mountains and its water is the product of melting glaciers. The view it provides in the spring season is worth seeing once in a life. It provides serenity and closeness to nature. Moreover, there are abundant trees along both sides of the lake. These colorful trees add to the praising beauty of the lake.
In addition to that, both sides of the lake are also loaded with flowers that remain covered almost all year. This scene has its own dignity and a stunning point for those who love to capture the glorious scenes of nature into their cameras. Thus, if you are going to Neelum Valley, you must pay a visit to Rati Gali Lake.

Crystal Clear Watered Chitta Katha Lake Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley
Crystal Clear Watered Chitta Katha Lake Neelum Valley does not need any introduction as it is a vivid feat of beautiful nature. Its snow-capped mountains, its crystal-clear water, and its snake-like shape is the proof of its importance in the tour of this valley. The other amazing thing that makes this lake must seeing tourist point is that it becomes frozen in the winter season and in spring its water becomes crystal blue. All these things make this lake a strikingly expressive visiting point. Adding to adventure it is the best place for those adventurers who like hiking. Because the surrounding mountain has erfect trails for hiking. So, remember this point in your Neelum plan.

Enjoy Tranquility in Keran Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley
Keran Neelum Valley is a sub valley of Neelum Valley and it is situated on the other side of the neelum river. If you are a person of serenity and calmness, then this place is for you. When you stay at this point you can clearly enjoy the tranquility of nature undoubtedly. There are dense green forests and having various animals attract visitors. The native people have made different types of huts to live there. If you visit, you can stay there as they are also used as hotels.

Have Delightful Waterfalls in Kutton Jagran Neelum Valley

Ratti Gali
Kutton Jagran Neelum Valley is situated in the Kutton village. This glorious Valley is the house of countless waterfalls. These waterfalls pull in the tourists to must pay a visit to this valley. Dhani Noseri waterfall is a famous fall in the area. In the spring season, you can enjoy a refreshing bath in these waterfalls. However, in winter they provide you a picturesque image of frozen water falling from a high level. The water of these falls comes from the glaciers and it is cold too. From these falls the water joins the neelum river and goes on. Hence, keep this bracing point while your tour in the valley.

Heavenly Planes of Sharda Neelum Valley

Sharda Neelum Valley
Heavenly Planes of Sharda Neelum Valley is one of the most visiting places in Neelum Valley. This is a center of attraction for those people who admires the green planes and meadows. The mountains of this area are covered with green grass and at some places with small trees. This also a heritage site of an old palace of history. However, this palace has been ruined yet it provides a good point to have photos. Moreover, the remains of an old university are also an attraction for the tourists. So, make your money worth visiting this planed part of the valley.

Track of Kel Neelum Valley

Kel Neelum Valley
There is another place that will force you to visit Neelum Valley and that is Track of Kel Neelum Valley. It is said about this place that there is a track that leads you to the mountain Nanga Parbat straightly. Furthermore, you can see this towering mountain from Kel clearly and can enjoy the view. In addition to this single track, there are many other tracks that provide you the opportunity to do hiking there. If you love hiking in the beautiful meadows, then never miss this place.
These are some of the marvelous places in the Neelum Valley that you should visit while your tour. Because a visit to these places will return your money in inexpressible feelings that surely delights you. Stay tuned to have guides from various places like this!
Reminder: because it is a valley in the lap of mountains and the weather is unpredictable that’s why you should take precautionary measures before visiting this valley. Take warm clothes, un-slippery joggers, raincoats, reasonable blankets, and some medicines to keep yourself safe from unwanted events.